Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Keep Your Business Running: Best Practices

With the recent development of the COVID – 19 Novel Coronavirus the ability to work from home is more important than ever. Since the first few cases were discovered, the government has been urging people to practice social distancing and stay home if possible. Working remotely can significantly decrease exposure to this contagious virus and reduce your risk of becoming ill or spreading the disease to your loved ones. During these stressful and uncertain times, the best thing you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is limit contact. But what about your business? Who will run it if you can’t get into the office? The day to day tasks such as paying bills, balancing bank accounts, even collecting the rent?

You will! Unit Connect is here for you. In the early stages of development, we knew one of the many advantages of Unit Connect property management software is that you can work from anywhere. Whether it’s home, your cabin in the mountains or a family members’ house, your business doesn’t have to skip a beat. You can still pay your vendors and utility companies on time. Monthly contract payments don’t need to be skipped and a one-time bill for a repair can still be part of the income that all of our hardworking business owners are counting on. You and your contractors can be confident that any bills due over the next few weeks will be paid as scheduled with just the click of a button.

But what about collecting rent? We touched on it in our last blog, but little did we know how important it would be to offer your residents a way to pay their rent electronically. No walking door to door or even stopping by the building to empty a dropbox, everything is done via the internet and out of harm’s way. Best of you will have the ability to waive late fees in case of emergency for those residents who are missing out on their income or have been temporarily laid off until things subside.

Unit Connects secure servers are exactly what you need to operate your business when you are unable to leave your current location. We know and more importantly, we understand the mounting stress and worry about the effects our current events will have on your business. In times like these, it is up to all of us to stick together and help each other. With social distancing and the national effort being made to slow the spread of COVID – 19 many people are suffering from the loss of income. Mortgages and loans still need to be paid along with many other debts. But perhaps even more important people need to buy groceries, purchase medicine and fill their gas tanks.

While we cannot control what is happening on the outside we can control how we handle our business and the obligations that accompany it. Ensuring the accounts receivable and payable are running smoothly helps us all. It not only provides a level of comfort but helps us help each other now when we need it.