Manage Property Expenses

Entering expenses is as simple as writing a check. Select your vendor’s account, enter the amount and that’s it! And by the way, if you have an expense that needs to get passed through to your tenant, then UnitConnect can do that with a click.

  • Add property expenses
  • Add attachments to expenses as backup
  • Pass-through expenses to tenants
  • Print checks
Create Expense

Enter the expense details, upload copies of your invoices for recordkeeping, and take notes.


Recapture the expenses from your tenants. Set it up and automatically pass it through to your tenant.

Vendor Accounts

Online software features allow you to handle multiple vendor accounts and manage details at an account level.

Vendor Account Page

Recurring Expenses and Pass-throughs

Set up recurring expenses such as Mortgage Payments or Utility Expenses.

Configure expense Pass-through so that you can pass the expense on to your Tenant for reimbursement.

  • Configure Tenant Pass-through
  • Set Up Scheduled Expenses
  • Manage multiple vendor accounts
  • Track Vendor Transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

When setting up a vendor, you will have an option to tie an account to one or more tenants based on tenant’s percentage share. Expenses are passed through based on that share automatically.

Yes, we do have the capability to print checks. We’ll need some details from you before setting your account up with check printing. Get in touch with us to find out more.

That all depends on the plan you select. There should be plenty of space to upload as many documents as required for recordkeeping. You’ll allways have access to it.

Not a problem! Set up one vendor. Associate that vendor with as many properties as required. Each property will have its own account(s). Each account is tracked separately.

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Manage Property Expenses