Billing Your Tenants is Easy With Our
Lease Management Software

Get organized, look professional and get paid faster with the most user-friendly tenant management and property lease management software online today. UnitConnect makes it easy to get your lease details set up and bill your tenants.

Organize Your Leases and Create Professional Bills in Seconds

Track all the lease terms and easily create professional commercial real estate invoices with our intuitive tenant utility billing software so that you can send invoices to your tenants with a single click. Our tenant billing software effortlessly allows you to:

  • Email Tenant Invoices
  • Add Attachments to Tenant Invoices
  • Pay In Full or Partially
  • Apply Late Fees

Capture Lease Details

Security Deposit, Insurance Expiration and Pro-Rata Share. Discover our impressive retail lease management software features.

Track All Charges

Does your tenant pay real estate taxes and common area charges? No worries, you can add them too. Track tenant recurring charges and one-time fees in our user-friendly commercial real estate lease management software program.

Bill Your Tenants

Our tenant software allows you to send tenant bills and rent payment reminders in an efficient, professional and organized way.

Commercial Real Estate Property Management Lease Details - Commercial Property Management Software

Recurring Charges and Rental Increases

Set up recurring charges, such as Taxes, Insurance, Common Area Charges or utilities to have them billed to your Tenants.

Capture Rental Increases, annually or otherwise, to ensure that your Tenants are billed accurately.

  • Configure Tenant CAM
  • Set Up Real Estate Taxes
  • Track Security Deposit Balance
  • Track Tenant's Insurance Expiration
  • Set up Additional Charges

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lease Management Software for Tenants & Rental Owners

Do you handle real estate taxes and common area charges?

We handle any types of additional charges. CAM and Taxes are just a few examples. Set up a recurring charge and we’ll add it to your tenant invoice automatically.

What if my tenants don't pay in full?

You can decide how you apply the payment. Apply the payment to the entire invoice or to one or more charges.

With our tenant management software, you also have control of how to apply the late fee. Change the amount or don’t apply it at all. It’s your call.

How are rent escalations handled?

We understand that certain leases span a number of years and have escalations in rent. UnitConnect enables you to keep track of those escalations and will apply the new rent when it’s due.

How do you handle the tenant's security deposit?

The security deposit is tracked separately. If the lease calls for a deposit to be adjusted when rent increases, then our commercial lease management software does that automatically.

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