Billing Your Tenants is Easy With Our Lease Management Software

Get organized, look professional and get paid faster with the most user-friendly tenant management and property lease management software online today. UnitConnect makes it easy to get your lease details set up and bill your tenants.

Billing Your Tenants is Easy With Our Lease Management Software2023-11-24T13:37:28+00:00

Organize Your Leases and Create Professional Bills in Seconds

Track all the lease terms and easily create professional commercial real estate invoices with our intuitive tenant utility billing software so that you can send invoices to your tenants with a single click. Our tenant billing software effortlessly allows you to:

  • Email Tenant Invoices

  • Add Attachments to Tenant Invoices
  • Pay In Full or Partially

  • Apply Late Fees

Capture Lease Details

Security Deposit, Insurance Expiration and Pro-Rata Share. Discover our impressive retail lease management software features.

Track All Charges

Does your tenant pay real estate taxes and common area charges? No worries, you can add them too. Track tenant recurring charges and one-time fees in our user-friendly commercial real estate lease management software program.

Bill Your Tenants

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Recurring Charges and Rental Increases

Set up recurring charges, such as Taxes, Insurance, Common Area Charges or utilities to have them billed to your Tenants.

Capture Rental Increases, annually or otherwise, to ensure that your Tenants are billed accurately.

  • Configure Tenant CAM
  • Set Up Real Estate Taxes

  • Track Tenant’s Insurance Expiration
  • Set up Additional Charges

Customers Love our Property Management Software
Iben Lakay
Iben Lakay
As a building owner, UnitConnect provides the tools and software to keep my business running smoothly. Their site is simple to use and provides powerful assistance.
UnitConnect, LLC Is the best software company that I’ve been using so Farr and I’ve been in the property management for over 25 years Excellent customer service Highly recommend it for any property management software Thank you Albert for that excellent customer service A++++++++++
Bonnie S
Bonnie S
This was certainly a learning experience for me. The program is wonderful. Really helps put things in order.
Donna Williams
Donna Williams
I like the many features Unit Connect offers. Additionally, their support services have been very responsive and helpful.
Nicole West
Nicole West
Our business has centered around self storage for many years, and as we began to acquire more commercial rental spaces, it was evident that we needed a different solution for managing these leases. I researched several other programs, but all were cost prohibitive and did not include features that we desperately needed. Unit Connect has been a breath of fresh air! I was able to complete Common Area Maintenance budgets and reconciliations in a fraction of the time it normally would have taken (and this is considering I added 7 new tenants to complete!). The support team there is always available for questions & are very responsive. Set up was very simple.
Sami M
Sami M
I am a Property Manager for a building located in Astoria, NY. UnitConnect is the Software Program I use to have all my tenants pay rent through, view lease info, request any fixes, etc. Its a very simple , yet sophisticated software in which has all we need. The team at UnitConnect is also always there for help if need be.
Mohan Gosula
Mohan Gosula
We are using Unitconnect to manage few of our neighborhood retail centers. This is a great product. It has the all the features that are needed for the landlords to manage. Unitconnect team is Awesome to work. Albert was available any time to resolve issue and helped to setup system. I would recommend Unitconnect to landlords to manage their properties. btw, cost is very reasonable compared to comproble property management software.
Anyone looking for great service , fast action on questions (like problem solved in Half/Hr fast)and a great platform to run your Property Rental business - it's Unit Connect. Anyone can learn how to use it and Albert and his team are Excellent! These guys have thought this through and have every aspect covered in a simple to use way.
Mihaela Cismigiu
Mihaela Cismigiu
User friendly and versatile software for property management; so happy we have found Unit Connect, it perfectly fits our application ( commercial property rental management). Also, UnitConnect customer support is very professional and helpful.

Recurring Charges and Rental Increases

We handle any types of additional charges. CAM and Taxes are just a few examples. Set up a recurring charge and we’ll add it to your tenant invoice automatically.

You can decide how you apply the payment. Apply the payment to the entire invoice or to one or more charges.

With our tenant management software, you also have control of how to apply the late fee. Change the amount or don’t apply it at all. It’s your call.

We understand that certain leases span a number of years and have escalations in rent. UnitConnect enables you to keep track of those escalations and will apply the new rent when it’s due.

The security deposit is tracked separately. If the lease calls for a deposit to be adjusted when rent increases, then our commercial lease management software does that automatically.

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