Allocate CAM Charges

With UnitConnect, you can bill and collect CAM Charges from your tenants based on their pro-rata share. Our software allows easy configuration of your Tenant’s CAM based on the terms of their Lease. Collect your CAM timely to ensure accuracy with CAM Reconciliation.

  • Create monthly recurring CAM charges
  • Configure CAM limits and caps
  • Define Base Year Amounts
  • Pro-rate based on lease start date and share
software to configure cam charges
Create a Budget

Create an annual budget for all CAM expenses, Real Estate Taxes and Insurance. Use that budget to compare with expenses.


Configure tenant’s monthly CAM contributions based on a Budget, pro-rata share and lease terms.

Reconcile CAM

Reconcile tenant’s contributions towards CAM, Taxes and Insurance against actual expenses.

CAM Reconciliation

Reconcile CAM, Taxes and Insurance in one single interface.  Compare actual property expenses with what was collected throughout the year from each tenant.

Our functionality allows you to run a report and invoice your tenant in the event there are any balance dues.

  • Reconcile CAM, Tax and Insurance
  • Compare actual expenses with payments received
  • Run and share CAM reconciliation report with tenants
  • Bill tenants for any shortage

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a budget isn’t necessary, but is helpful.  The budget can be set up to ensure that Tenant’s are billed accurately and timely.  Tenants can be billed based on a budget.

Prepaid items that are paid for twelve months in advance such as Insurance are prorated. The CAM Reconciliation process recognizes prepaid items and adjusts the amount due for the year.

The process compares tenant’s contributions towards CAM, Taxes and Insurance against actual expenses.  Their obligations are based on their pro-rata share as well as the lease terms that are set up in UnitConnect.

Yes.  If there is a balance due, the Reconciliation process adds an additional charge to your Tenant’s invoice.  If there is a credit, however, the process adds a credit to your Tenant’s invoice.

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Allocate CAM Charges