Manage Access and Provide Transparency

Provide transparency to your staff and investors by sharing responsibilities and access. UnitConnect allows you to set up user-level permissions for relevant people. You define what information and features are accessible to the user.

  • Create Additional Users
  • Determine Data Access
  • Define User Functions
User Management
Add Users

Want others to access your information and assist you with your day-to-day tasks? Go ahead!

Functional Access

Surely there are those that just need to do a few simple things. Grant your users the features they need.

Data Access

Share properties and information with those who need it. Provide access to your Investors.

UnitConnect Roles

Create Roles

Set up roles and assign those roles to your users.

Let our system determine access to your Property Managers, Landlords, Investors or your Assistants.

  • Create roles
  • Determine access by role
  • Set up users quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

That all depends on the plan you chose. Our professional plan has a limit of 5 users, while the business plan does not have any limit.

Set them up as a user. Give them access to the properties they are entitled to. Then, enable them to our “Reporting Only” feature. They can log in at any time.

You can log in to UnitConnect from any browser on any device. The information will be the same, and the users will have the same access.

You’ll have full control. Grant them access and revoke it if they no longer need it. We provide you with all the tools necessary to have the control you need.

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