Tenant Portal and Online Rent Collection

Collect rent online. Tenants can raise requests and access important information online.

24 hr. access for your Tenants

Improve communications with your Tenants.  Collect rent online and share important information.

  • Accept ACH or Credit Cards
  • Share Documents with Tenants
  • Send Announcements to Tenants
UnitConnect Tenant Portal

Online Payments

Improve efficiency and collect rent faster.  Accept ACH and Credit Card payments.

Lease Summary

Be transparent by letting your Tenant look up important lease information.

Rent Invoices

Improve efficiency and provide access to tenant rent invoices online.

Tenant Requests

Maintenance Requests

Streamline your communication and respond to requests faster.

Tenants can submit requests as well as receive announcements.  Our Property Management Software keeps you organized and transparent.

  • Receive Requests from Tenants
  • Provide Updates to Tenants
  • Assign Tasks to colleagues

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disable access to the Portal?

Tenant Portal is configurable.  You can disable access at any time.

What can my Tenant access?

Tenants can access important Lease information.  They would also have access to documents shared by you.

Is there any cost to my Tenant?

Tenant Portal is free for Tenants.  Just send them an invitation to register.

What if my Tenant has multiple Leases?

Yes, we’ve thought of that too!  Your Tenant can have multiple accounts.  Each can be accessed individually.

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