Returning to Work with Safety and Disinfecting Protocols

Property Manager disinfecting elevator for COVID

As the country starts to reopen businesses and we begin to go back to work, it is especially important for Property Managers, Maintenance Staff, and outside workers to remain vigilant. We must continue to observe social distancing guidelines and disinfecting protocols. If possible you should also try to maintain about one (1) month’s worth of supplies onsite for yourself and your staff. Masks, gloves, cleaning and disinfecting products should all be available.

Here are some helpful tips to help Property Managers and Maintenance Staff navigate this transitional time.

Business owners, staff and outside workers such as vendors and contractors should wear face coverings when:


  • Entering an occupied unit
  • Entering the office
  • During trash operations
  • While social distancing with residents, vendors or team members
  • When accepting or delivering packages
  • While walking the interior of the building
  • While cleaning and disinfecting

Per the CDC if you are making your own cloth face covering it should:

  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops
  • Include multiple layers of fabric
  • Allow for breathing without restriction
  • Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to the shape

ALL team members must wear disposable gloves when:

  • Walking vacant units
  • Handling packages and/or deliveries
  • Using keys and/or key fob’s
  • Cleaning and sanitizing (keep in mind the type of glove worn is dictated by the chemical being used)

Read the instructions on your cleaners and disinfectants carefully. Many brands and products are running out of stock and you may receive alternate products you’ve never used. It is important to read the application, use, and storage instructions of each of these products. The application methods suggested for each product or chemical usually vary. Many folks think a spray and wipe will suffice, however often times this is not the case. 

Bleach, for example, needs to remain on a surface for a minimum of five (5) minutes to effectively kill viruses. Rubbing alcohol only takes thirty (30) seconds but evaporates so quickly it isn’t recommended for anything other than very small items such as your phone and pen. Some do it yourself people are posting vinegar-based solutions online however vinegar is NOT a disinfectant and should not be used as one. Vinegar should be used for cleaning only. Fogging is another application method that has been suggested, however, if you check the CDC website you will see that it is not an approved method for disinfecting against the Coronavirus and they actually recommend against it. For additional information on cleaning and disinfecting your facility properly click this link to the CDC website.

For many Property Managers and Maintenance Staff returning to work can feel scary or intimidating. Ensuring that you and your staff are properly informed and that you have the correct tools and equipment can help to ease some of that worry.