How To Update Vendor Details In UnitConnect

Updating Vendor Details: Quick Guide

Hello, this is Nathan from UnitConnect, the online property management software. In this video tutorial I will be covering, how to update vendor details within the software. So, here I am on the main dashboard and I am gonna start by clicking the vendors tab here in the top menu. Now that I am here, I am going to select a property.

So I am gonna select the first property and that will show the corresponding vendors with this property. I am going to select A&D Landscaping and on the left hand side, I have vendor information. So here we have the vendor details of the vendor information for this vendor and so this is where we can update this information. So for example, we have our vendor name, A&D Landscaping, vendor description. I will just put landscaping. We have the date in which the vendor has been with us.

So, that’s where, you can also make changes here. We have our vendor ID, which is currently blank. Vendor type, we have different types to choose from, Utilities Contractors, Financial Institutions, Security Company, Maintenance Company. We’ll select maintenance company. This check-mark box signifies that its currently active. I’m going to click update fields just so that the software updates that information.

Now, if I come down here at the bottom. We have our contacts. So, under vendor addresses, I am going to select here and click on modify. So, we have our contacts, so I will put, “Dan Smith.” Title, he is the owner and lets just say in this example, he is the primary contact. We will signify that by using this check-mark box and clicking save.

Alright, now we can see that the vendor address has been saved and we have our owner that’s been added with his contact information. Additionally, if you wanted to make further changes, you could simply select the owner and click on modify and now we can make changes so let’s say that we wanted to add a fax number and I click save. And so now we have that fax number that’s been added and so if I go back you can see that its still there.

It’s also possible to delete a contact right down here. Next I want to go over custom fields. So I have this sub-tab and so we can see that we have five different custom fields where we can keep track of any information that we want using these fields and so simply click on customize these fields on the right hand side and we can give them a name. Example 1, click save. And now we can see that this has changed and we can give a value.

So Im gonna just put text as an example. Click update fields. Fields have been updated. And so now whenever we go to this tab, we can see these values that we want to assign to this vendor.

Alright that concludes this video tutorial. I hope that you found it helpful and informative. Please stay tuned for future updates and I’ll see you on the next video. Thank you so much.