Apartment marketing trends have significantly changed in 2021 due to more people working from home and changes in income status.


Companies are also giving their employees the option of working from home permanently. As a result, more people are looking for apartments to suit their home and work needs.


The new shift provides excellent opportunities for apartment owners to get more leads and gain new renters and buyers.


A RENTCafe study revealed that 56% of the respondents planned to move to a new apartment that met their current needs.


Potential apartment renters are opting to look for available units and signing contracts online. Property managers and real estate investors have no option but to up their game and implement digital apartment marketing strategies.


Today we’ll look at four apartment marketing strategies you can implement or improve to increase your online conversion rate and get new tenants. 


Let’s dive right into it.


#1: Implement Better TLC Strategy 

How do you monitor your traffic, leads, and customer trends? Can you effectively assess which area is performing better and which needs improvement? Do you use a Property Management Program to help you improve your existing customer experience?


How does the TLC strategy work?


Traffic Helps you identify the top 3–5 sources that bring you the most traffic to your website. Leads Represent how many of your site visitors convert to potential renters or buyers, and the Customer Assesses how you can turn these leads to tenants. 


The table below gives you valuable pointers to efficiently implement these apartment marketing strategies for 2021.


-Increase ad budget to sources that bring more traffic.

-Post ads more often to places that get more engagement.

– Optimize your on-page website SEO.

– Review site copy as per the current apartment marketing trends.

– Review email copy, live chat, and ad copy to include the relevant information and remove outdated requirements.

-Update your leasing process for a seamless transition.

– Train and develop your employees’ phone/ conversation skills.

– Improve response time and offer more options for apartment tours.


#2: Improve Mobile User Experience

Statistics on customer trends in 2021 reveal that 70% of renters look for available units on their mobile phones. 


Google uses mobile-first indexing to rank property websites on the user’s experience.


To improve your potential customer’s mobile user experience, ensure:


  • Your mobile web pages load faster.
  • Your menu is easy to navigate on mobile.
  • You use a stellar design that looks good on mobile with clearly visible texts.
  • You eliminate any mobile pop-ups.


You can use the Google search console to help you keep track of these requirements. It’ll also ensure you are up to date with the ever-changing Google website ranking algorithms.


Expert Tip: Ensure your click-to-call button is prominent and remove unnecessary distractions around it.


#3: Use Conversion Software to Qualify Leads

It’s every apartment owner’s dream to convert most of their leads to customers. The use of conversion software continues to gain more popularity in 2021 to make this dream come true.


Conversion software assists in automating tour schedules, delivering irresistible offers, and filtering for qualified leads.


Let’s take a closer look at how it performs these tasks.


  • Tour Scheduling: Conversion software cuts through potential tenants and buyers’ need to fill in forms for a tour. Instead, the software provides the available tour dates on every page, and customers can self-schedule at their convenience.


  • Irresistible Offers: Conversion software allows your site visitor to engage with your content, deliver valuable prospects, and give vital information while presenting your compelling offers on each page in a subtle non-intrusive manner.


  • Qualifying Leads: Conversion software filters out unqualified prospects and organizes leads using markers such as the number of residents, income, and desired flour plans. This application helps to progress the sales process quickly and leads to better conversion figures.


#4: Personalize Your Consumer Advertisement

One of the critical apartment marketing trends in 2021 is customer personalization strategy that involves:


  • Adding the potential customer’s name to the landing page.
  • Directing them to a page of relevant apartments of the interest they’ve searched for repeatedly.
  • Sending them reminders of pending actions or newly available units.
  • Sending relevant new information based on their previous actions.


Expert Tip: Ensure your data is up-to-date and your agents can access the customer profile during a call. This helps to personalize the conversation.


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