How to Create an Account with UnitConnect

Creating an Account with UnitConnect: Easy Guide


Hello this is Nathan with unit connects the property management software company. In this tutorial, I’ll be covering how to create an account. Once you’ve come to our website at unit Connect. com, go ahead and click the signup free button in the top right corner. Once you come to the signup page, you’ll need to add relevant information to complete your account signup.

Currently, we offer a 15 day free trial where you have full access to the software and all of its features without having to add any credit card information details. Now I’m going to go ahead and fill out the form you will need to sign the recapture box and you need to accept our terms and conditions following click the signup button.

Okay, now that you’ve created an account you Need to confirm your email address. So I have my Gmail address open in another tab. And I’m going to click the unit Connect signup email. And we see that we have a verification code. So I’m going to highlight the verification code, copy it, come back to the account page.

And I’m just going to paste it right here. And now I’m going to click on verify. All right, now that you have created your account, you can go ahead and login. You can log in either by using the login link in the top right in the menu screen, or you can click on the login button.

Now that I am here on the unit Connect login page. I’m going to use my UnitConnect email and associated password that I just created. And go ahead and sign in. All right now we’re here in the UnitConnect dashboard. So that concludes this video. Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for future tutorials on UnitConnect