How To Create A Portfolio In UnitConnect

Creating a UnitConnect Portfolio: Easy Steps


Hello, this is Nathan with UnitConnect property management software and this is a video tutorial on how to create a portfolio in your UnitConnect account. I’m going to be starting from the dashboard by clicking on the admin menu tab.

Now that I’m here on the admin page, I’m going to come down to application management and click on, Manage portfolios on the go action button on the right hand side.

To begin, I would like to define a portfolio. A portfolio is a way to group various properties under one name to help you better manage and organize yourself within UnitConnect software.

All right here I’m on the portfolio management page and we can see that we have two existing portfolios. I’m going to demonstrate how to create or add a portfolio.

So I’m going to come down and click on, Add portfolio. I’m going to start with a name. So in this example, I’m going to give a hypothetical name of

let’s say a client that I’m currently managing properties for and so let’s just say the name of the client is Jackson, Jackson properties.

For the description, I’m gonna leave that blank and we’re going to make it active by clicking this checkmark box and I’m gonna go ahead and click, Save. Alright, now we have our Jackson properties portfolio. The next step is to select it and now we’re going to select the properties that are associated with this portfolio.

So just for simplicity, I’m going to select the first three properties, 1,2,3 and click, Update. Now we have successfully associated property with portfolio. If I select the Smith property portfolio, we’ll see that there are no properties that are currently associated with it.

If I select it again and modify portfolio, I’m going to leave this blank and let’s say I want to make the portfolio inactive, I just uncheck this checkmark box

click, Save.

Now this has a red icon to signify that the portfolio is inactive. If I click it again, select, Modify portfolio, select active, click ,Save. Now it is active with a green icon.

In addition, there is another feature that I would like to demonstrate, in which I can select a portfolio at the bottom of the application window. So if I come here to the bottom, I can select, Jackson properties, right here.

Now that I’ve selected the Jackson properties portfolio, only those properties that are associated with that portfolio will show when I move through different pages of the application.

For example, if I come over to properties, we can now see that only the three properties associated with this portfolio can be seen. In addition, while you are in the Properties window, you can select the different portfolios here in the top.

So we can see that I can view all three current portfolios and I could select other portfolios from this list, if I wanted too. For now I’m going to leave Jackson properties as selected.

Now that I’m here in the billing tab, if I select on property to view current bills, we can see that only the three properties associated with this portfolio are viewable.

Here I’m in the vendors tab, as noted here in the top menu, and we can see here again that since I haven’t changed the portfolio view, I’m still viewing the Jackson portfolio, Jackson properties we can see that those three properties are here viewable in the vendors tab.

Alright, that concludes this video tutorial on how to create a new portfolio in UnitConnect. Please stay tuned for future blog posts and videos.

tutorials. Thank you so much.