How To Create A New Vendor In UnitConnect

Creating New Vendor in UnitConnect: Quick Guide

Hello, this is Nathan with UnitConnect, the online property management software. In this tutorial, I will be covering, “How To Create A New Vendor.” So to begin this process, we are going to come over to the top menu and click on, “Vendors.” Following, on the left hand-side under, “Actions” we’ll see, “New Vendor” and I’ll click on that. So now that we’re here in the new vendor wizard. You’ll see that this page is broken down into three sections, “Basic Information”, “Primary Address”, and “Account Information.”

So I’m going to go ahead and start by filling out this information. Please note that any fields that are marked with a red asterisks are required. So I’ll go ahead and start by entering the name. In this example, we’ll use a general maintenance company.

So I’m going to go ahead and put in the name as “Bills Maintenance,” something very generic. For the vendor type will go ahead and select, “Maintenance Company” from our drop down and for the property, we’ll select our existing property, which is only one, “John’s Property.”

You also have the ability to add vendor information or custom fields. I’m going to leave that blank for now and go to the next section. Under the primary address field, we’re going to want to add the contact information.

So I’m gonna go ahead and add, “Bill”, the title, “Owner”, address going to put a fictitious address and leave the rest of these fields blank and go to next.

Account information, you can associate it with an account number, so I’m just going to put again, a generic account number and you can associate it with an existing bank account.

So I’ll go ahead and select the bank account with John’s property. Here under category, I will select the relevant category as professional services and leave all the custom fields blank and click, “Finish.”

“Are you sure you want to proceed?” “Yes.” Alright, so now, “You Have Successfully Completed A New Vendor Wizard” and so we can see that our vendor has been added.

Now if I go over to vendors, and I click John’s property. Now we can see that “Bills Maintenance” has been added as a relevant vendor for this property.

Alright, so that concludes this video. I hope that you found it valuable. Be sure to check out other videos on our YouTube channel and I hope you have a great day. Thank you so much.