The role of property managers seems to take on additional responsibilities on a regular basis. Even though the workload of your average property manager or team may be growing, that doesn’t mean their job has to become even more stressful than it already is. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of software systems and technological advances that can help streamline the processes and duties of today’s property management teams and individuals. Today’s software can help with anything from rent collection to maintenance management.

Of course, it is always a challenge to know which software is worth the investment and which ones fail to contribute to productivity and create more convenient processes. Fear not. Just keep reading to learn more about the technology that improves the efficiency and function of today’s property managers.

Maintenance Management

One of the most definitive markers of any great property is how responsive management is to maintenance requests. After all, those who consider your property their home are only as comfortable as their surroundings. Here is the software that is making it easier to deliver on resident maintenance requests.

Common Areas

Common Areas is an automatic maintenance program that juggles the maintenance workflow for you. This cloud-based software operates in real-time to document work requests and assign maintenance requests to vendors and contractors. While there aren’t many drawbacks to this software, some of the most enjoyed benefits include an easy-to-use interface, essential information stored and readily available, and saves time.


UpKeep is an especially useful software as it provides reporting. Sure, like its counterparts, UpKeep helps its property managers create custom checklists, scheduled maintenance, and place work order requests. However, UpKeep also keeps granular reports of technician efficiency, which assets demand the most maintenance, and work order completion rates. The reporting feature is fantastic for those who like to find ways to improve and cut costs consistently.

Full-Service Software – All The Bells And Whistles

Despite the many different software and apps available to property managers, those that can function in all areas are especially helpful because they streamline the entire process. These are especially useful in multi-family properties. 


Mynd is a full-service property management tool that acts as a link between residents and managers. Mynd allows residents to make payments, contact owners, and even make maintenance requests. The owner’s interface provides detailed reporting and portfolio performance to enable them to handle their business while also providing great customer service to their residents. The only drawback is that current users agree that the customer service response can be a bit slow.


AppFolio is an online-based software that makes it possible for property managers to run their business anywhere. AppFolio is especially helpful in facilitating effective communication between managers and their employees and their residents, as it provides a bulk texting feature and email rent collection reminders. Aside from making it easier to communicate, AppFolio also screens applicants, collects rent through multiple platforms, and even screens applicants.

Workflow And Productivity

As you know, managing a property is time-consuming and consists of many different moving parts. Keeping up to date and on track with all of your responsibilities as a manager can be challenging. Here are a couple of software programs that can help you with that.

Building Engines

SaaS – software as a service, is a trend taking over nearly every industry, and property management is no different. But, Building Engines can make long days seem to move a bit fast. This app can help managers control visitor property, monitor the value of your property’s assets, and provide automated updates. While the app is incredibly helpful, adding new administrators can be time-consuming.


PropertyMatrix is another program that makes it a very easy and streamlined approach. It performs automated functions such as scheduling, tenant actions, and real-time reporting. One of the stand out features of this app is that it helps property managers build relationships and trust with their residents through automated functions. Though there are many benefits, one major drawback is that customer service can take a significant amount of time to get in touch with you after you have reached out.

Final Thoughts

Just because property managers have an endless list of things that need to be completed, does not mean that they don’t deserve the right software and applications to help make their properties truly special. The truth is, there are many different kinds of software that property managers and other individuals can use to make running their properties a smooth and efficient process.

With the help of these software options, managers and owners (if they are different) can use these applications to their advantage. Using certain software to help with a specific issue helps to save time, allowing property managers to spend more time focusing on expansion and growth within their businesses. At UnitConnect, our software combines many of the most useful features across these tools into one single platform. Be sure to check us out if you need a lot of the features listed above in one platform. Buying a single tool to manage multiple aspects of property management in one place can make your life a lot easier compared to needing to hop from tool to tool in order to effectively manage your properties. So, check us out if you’re looking to simplify your property management workflow.