2020 is here and many business owners are deciding whether or not to renew their lease. For many of those valued renters whom we want to retain year after year, their customers’ satisfaction weighs heavily in their decision to stay or relocate. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘it’s the little things’ a million times before, but have you ever thought about how it relates to building management? Providing a positive, hassle-free experience for the patrons of your tenants’ businesses can easily be overlooked. Big projects and monthly maintenance contracts for fire systems, elevator maintenance, and snow removal quickly eat up the day. Add to that a few emergency calls or a last-minute air conditioning issue and you’ve run out of time. While managing a commercial space can be hectic and reactive it’s important to stay on top of those ‘little things’. Here are a few of the more common frustrations that can typically be addressed the same day.


Have you walked into the lobby of a building filled with medical offices but can’t find the suite? Or walked out of the elevator and didn’t know which hallway leads to your destination? One of the biggest issues for a customer or patient is neglected directories. Most professional buildings have front and rear entrances. Clearly marked directories or menu boards should be easy to find with the name of the business, the floor, and the suite number. Likewise, signs should be posted outside the elevators and stairwells so customers know exactly which hallway to walk down. The inability to locate the correct suite is intimidating and frustrating for many people.

Dirty and/or Inoperable Bathrooms:

What’s worse than rushing into a dirty or broken bathroom after sitting in traffic? Most buildings have facilities on every floor and it only takes one messy person to ruin it for everyone else. Providing a daily checklist to the janitorial staff and holding them accountable every day only takes a few minutes. Add a spot to your checklist for them to check every toilet and faucet and provide them with the contact information they need to report the issue. Negative bathroom experiences will stop some customers from patronizing a business. Especially those that have frequent restroom requirements.

Inadequate Lighting: Well lit hallways, elevators, lobbies, and parking garages make people feel safe. Keep a supply of lightbulbs on hand so that as soon as one burns out you can replace it. Many buildings have switched to LED lighting so while they do not require lightbulbs they still need to be maintained. Ask a staff member to walk the hallways daily or add a spot to the cleaning list.

The customer service experience starts from the minute your customer steps out of their vehicle until the minute they drive out of the parking lot. Ensuring that your tenants’ patrons are provided with clear directions, clean well-stocked restrooms and brightly lit hallways and parking areas makes them feel safe and comfortable.