Getting Back to Business: Commercial Real Estate Insights

Opening Up Businesses During COVID

Now that most states are in Phase II or Phase III (depending on your state) of the reopening plan, businesses are scrambling to unlock their doors and start generating income. When you are a small business owner it feels like every other week there is a new executive order and the rules you rushed to implement at the beginning of the month are no longer in play. For many business owners, the future feels uncertain. Operating procedures for employees, owners, and patrons continue to evolve. Businesses have been limited to less than full capacity and the items like gloves and masks that are now required to run your business daily are often unavailable or in high demand with extended shipping times. With all this stress the one thing that doesn’t have to feel uncertain is the relationship between you, the building owner, and your tenant, the small business owner. 

Unit Connect Property Management Software was designed with commercial real estate in mind. You can provide support to your tenants and take away some of their worries and stress without even leaving your home office. Daily and monthly tasks can be accomplished online and automatically so that during these constantly changing times, business, as usual, can continue with little to no disruption. Automatic and electronic billing can be set up. Charges for common areas can be adjusted right from your desktop, even payment plans for those in need can be negotiated remotely. 

As a commercial real estate owner you want to retain the great tenants you already have, so the ability to help them or offer a bit of relief during these times can go a long way. Perhaps you’ve decided to waive all late fees for the months during the Public Health Emergency. You can do that from home. Perhaps you’ve offered installment or payment plans for rent and common charges. You can generate separate bills with just a few button clicks. Additionally, you can send out mass communication to your commercial tenants letting them know you understand what they’re going through, what you’re offering to help them through these troubled times, and that you’re sympathetic to their struggles. 

All this can be done with minimal to no effect on your business. You can still get your vendors paid and make payroll. Your business is just as vital as your tenants and if you can make it easier and eliminate stress for both parties it will allow you the time to focus on the other pressing issues that have developed during the pandemic. Unit Connect Property Management Software is not just a product to help run your business smoothly, its also a valuable asset to your mental and physical health. These past few months have been some of the most stressful and worrisome our country has experienced in some time and having a dependable program that eliminates stress and makes daily operations easier is most certainly an asset to your portfolio.