What is Commercial Property Software?

A commercial property management system streamlines operations by automating and optimizing critical processes. With our property management software, you will be able to automate time-consuming processes, save money, and increase productivity for your real estate company while meeting all accounting, financial, and management requirements for residential and commercial property managers.

The software facilitates rent collection, handling leases, tracking inspections and maintenance, analyzing finances, and tracking property information. Property managers use it to manage retail stores, offices, and industrial facilities.

Who We are

As the frontrunner of commercial property resources, our adaptable set of solutions is designed to accommodate your property management requirements. We provide you with complete control over how you operate your real estate business through our integrated technology approach.

Choosing our services means that you will experience loads of features you’ll value. Our deep commitment to making property maintenance more manageable and more efficient with technology will make your properties run more smoothly, as outlined below.

A Centralized Approach to Property Management

Property management involves a wide range of tasks, making it challenging to keep track of everything. Our tool lets you manage all these random operations online. To build a complete online system for your property management company, the first thing you need to do is digitize your information and set up central communication channels.

As your property portfolio grows, the benefits of digitizing, managing, and integrating your pass-through expenses will become more evident. With our real estate accounting software tool, we’ll help you maximize your business’s growth while preserving efficiencies that can save you money and make your property management more effortless.

In addition, our tool solutions allow users to create detailed financial projections, calculate rent increases automatically, create recurring charges for each tenant, and generate CAM reconciliation.

Workflow Automation

When selecting the best property management software, you want something that will boost operational efficiency. Yet, of all the ways that technology can make things run more smoothly and quickly in the workplace, our property management software allows you to automate routine tasks such as sending tenant reminders, communicating status updates, and more.


A good Property management software should have easy-to-use features adapted to meet the specific needs of your property while still offering extensive customization features.

With the right solution from UnitConnect, you can effectively handle tenant access and permissions, brand look, and more while maintaining a global deployment in your portfolio.

Analytics and Data

Understanding how your tenants use your properties, as well as which amenities, events, and services they like the most, can help you prioritize tenant engagement efforts, optimize your spaces, and make better decisions in general.

We offer a unique tracking tool that allows you to monitor platform adoption, app usage, communication reach, event attendance, and space occupancy, all of which are critical aspects in effectively and efficiently operating your property.

Intuitive Integration

Our comprehensive software is designed to support a wide range of use cases at your property, with reduced steps and uncomplicated processes to achieve your requirements.

We have developed a program that integrates smoothly with the most regularly used digital workflow tools and other popular software. This way, tenants and admin users can have a smooth and easy experience.

Communication Instruments

Tenants must be adequately informed, engaged, and up to date by receiving information at the right time, in the right way, and consistently. Scheduled messages should allow you to save time.

Core information (such as WiFi information, a retail directory, and a tenant handbook) should be accessible to tenants with a single click. You get extra points with our software, which allows you to target and segment your messages. As a result, you’ll be able to contact the right people at optimum moments.

Customer Service

An ideal property management platform will have educational, technological, and strategic resources available when you need them the most, from informative documentation to real human support. It should evaluate the documentation, services, and turnaround times for one-on-one customer support before making a final decision.

We offer an evolving library of content and media templates to help property managers more easily engage renters, develop content, host events, and more, in addition to our thorough help center and a professional live support team.

Admin-Friendly Tools

Good software should be configurable and flexible. The process of making changes must be straightforward, and customizing pages and settings should not require the services of a full-time web developer. Our software is user-friendly as we have designed it with you in mind.

The commercial property market is complex, and maintaining a competitive edge can be challenging. We’ll help you manage your property portfolios with clear knowledge, make informed decisions, manage the contractual process, reduce risk and loss, increase efficiency, and gain clarity in your property dealings.  To get started, take full advantage of UnitConnect property management software and schedule a demo with us.