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Top Trending Retail Building Amenities

Retail is a multi-billion dollar industry. Top of the line bags, shoes, even specialty coffee roasters, they’re all coming into the market daily. These new businesses target an exclusive clientele and they’re always looking for the perfect location. If these new, high-end businesses are a must have for your tenant roster, consider offering some of the following amenities. Just a few of these convenient extras will attract the upscale professionals you’ve been targeting.

Safety and security are a necessity for any business, especially those businesses with high priced inventory. Jewelers and textile companies keep costly inventory on hand like diamonds, watches, and handbags. In addition to the security inside their store, security for the common areas of the building including the parking lots is imperative. A business owner with high priced assets needs to feel their investment is being protected.

Onsite parking facilities frequently appear in the top three most desired amenities list. Clientele that are willing to spend more, expect more. A customer who pays hundreds of dollars for a handbag doesn’t want to spend 20 minutes driving around to find a parking spot only to walk another few blocks to the store. If your building doesn’t have the space to accommodate parking, consider contacting a nearby parking facility. Some parking companies actually offer valet services. It’s a creative alternative that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Dining options are always a plus. Whether it’s a luncheonette in the lobby or a coffee shop on the second floor, eating and drinking will keep people at your establishment longer. After a snack and a drink, people feel recharged and will usually check out additional shops. The longer they stay, the more businesses they patronize. In addition to keeping customers happy, onsite dining also allows employees to remain within the building during breaks. This is a big bonus for employers, it’s convenient for their employees and makes the job more attractive.

You can never go wrong with outdoor space. Consumers today are fast paced and busy. Many arrive at work in the morning and stay until after sunset. Especially in the winter when the days are shortest people tend to feel cheated. Being able to sit outside on their lunch break and breathe in some fresh air helps people feel less trapped. Twenty minutes of sun and fresh air a day are proven to increase overall attitude and health. If your building doesn’t have space for a patio or tables and chairs, consider a few benches scattered around the perimeter. 

Finding and retaining upscale businesses is easier if you think like the business owners. Put yourself in their shoes and focus on the things that would make their businesses run better and their lives easier. Like any business owner, they are searching for a location where their business will flourish. Any one of these amenities will help convince them that your location, is the right location for success.