Take the Plunge: Go Paperless with UnitConnect

Are you still printing your invoices? Is your office cluttered with file cabinets holding past and current resident files with leases? If one thing has come out of this terrible COVID Pandemic it’s the realization for many businesses that going paperless is an absolute necessity. With social distancing and work from home protocols in place, the need for remote access to these documents and a paperless, technology-savvy business has become a top priority.  Unit Connect Property Management Software can help you accomplish this, quickly and seamlessly. And now is the perfect opportunity to begin your conversion.

Turning vacant units, sending out communications, and handling finances can all be done remotely if you have the right set up and immediate access to the information you need. That’s why our data center is managed by Softsys, one of the best in the business. With the help of SofSys’ legendary Support and 99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee, our uptime rivals some of the best in the business too. Plus, Unit Connect offers the most advanced storage solutions. We store your data in a secure server with 128-bit encryption and regularly scheduled backups. You can log in from anywhere and have direct access to all your contracts, leases, invoices, and more.

When a repair is required in the lobby you need to alert your residents and the traditional method for doing this would be, draft a notice, print one out for each unit, and slide it under the door. Perhaps in some cases, you may have even mailed these notices out to each resident. The wear and tear on your printer, the price of ink and paper, postage, and most importantly your time are all a factor. However, going paperless means drafting an email and sending a mass communication to all your residents with the click of a button. So the task of notifying your residents goes from a 2-hour project with office supply expenses to a 15-minute task with zero cost. You can’t beat that!

How about paying bills? The old way would involve waiting for them to arrive in the mailbox, receiving them via your accounting software, handwriting the checks and mailing them back out. With Unit Connect you can import your paperless invoices into the system, schedule payments, and make your payments to vendors via ACH. This results in saving more money and time.

But, by far the best benefit to running a paperless business is location freedom and reduced overhead. By going paperless you no longer need to spend money on space to store numerous file cabinets. Plus you can tackle your emails, pay a few bills, and send out communications to your residents all before breakfast. By eliminating many of those administrative tasks at the begging of the day you’ll be freeing yourself up to make phone calls, meet with contractors, and handle emergencies. And, you’ll reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle by eliminating your morning and evening commute.

Let Unit Connect help you transform your business with our Property Management Software, so you can be prepared to run your business no matter what happens.