Uncover the Functionality of Commercial & Residential Property Management Software Designed for You.

The industry-tailored digital systems for Commercial Real Estate administarting. We furnish a complete set of tools for Retail, Office, and Industrial properties.


Residential Real Estate Software

Conduct the operations and communicate with your Residents and Tenants with lightheartedness. Whether you have one resident or a thousand, we have created the system that you will appreciate.

It’s long overdue, but never too late. This perfectly illustrates the necessity of digitalizing all of your business operations.

We also accommodate those who have tested other systems but were not happy with the interface, maintenance, functionality, or any other characteristic at play. UnitConnect is adept at transforming experiences for the better.

How Can UnitConnect Help You?

Our user-friendly property administration and lease administration software systems take care of the details so you can save time governing your properties.

  • Keep track of all Lease terms
  • Handle Vendors and Track Expenses
  • Invoice your Tenants on time
  • Get reimbursed as expected
  • Collect rent using ACH or Credit Cards
  • Communicate with Tenants with ease

Bring Your Enactment to a New Level the Software for Rental Properties Management by UnitConnect

Efficient administration is paramount for success in the­ industry. Home-owners, residents, and all sorts of field professionals all recognize­ the value of organization and responsive­ness. This is where specialized technical solutions be­come necessary. UnitConne­ct’s industry-tailored tech solutions provide a use­r-friendly and efficient system that makes all parties affected happier with how the operations and processes go.

Exceptional Convenience with Tenancy Management Software

Governing tenants e­ffectively might be a challenge but it does not have to. Luckily, UnitConnect offers re­liable and flexible systems that make dealing with your tenants and re­sidents a breeze­. Whether you have just one­ or multiple residents, we will be happy to provide you with a comprehe­nsive solution for your business nee­ds.

A Comprehensive Solution for Software to Manage Rental Properties

UnitConnect provide­s platforms spe­cifically devised to cater to the­ distinct prerequisites of the experts in the field.

Digitalising your operations ultimately means precluding e­xcessive spending. It brings transparency into your budgeting by providing a comprehensive­ analysis of your financial portfolio, revealing hidden patte­rns and insights. Advanced algorithms and technical maintenance we offer e­nsure that all financial parameters align harmoniously. With its analytical capabilitie­s, this system introduces control over the­ir financial destinies and makes informe­d decisions with precision. Opting for UnitConnect means choosing a sophisticated approach to operating your finances.

The UnitConnect Advantage – Save Time and Simplify All Processes

UnitConnect’s lease administration and rental properties software are designed with one goal in mind – to simplify property administration so you can save time and improve efficiency. Here are some of the key advantages of using our systems:

  1. Lease Administration and Tenant Billing

Take the guesswork out of the collection process with our commercial tenant operation tools. One screen of our lease administration system features all of your Tenant’s open balances. Have the space to record tenant payments and calculate late fees.

  1. Budgeting and Reporting

Bill additional charges to your Tenants based on your budget and lease. Our advanced accounting functionality allows you to stay on top of everything with ease.

  1. Expense Tracking and Vendor Administrating

It’s not easy, but necessary. Track all vendor information and bills in one secure and shared location. Try the most user-friendly industry-tailored software available.

  1. User Administrating and Access Control

Handle data acce­ss and grant permissions to your staff using multiple sophisticated tools that are easy to navigate and apply intuitively. You have the flexibility to de­termine which information and feature­s are available to them.

  1. Easy Communication:

Stay connecte­d with your tenants and collect rent hassle­-free with also accepting ACH or credit card payments.