Software for managing multiple properties is an integrated set of technological solutions that makes managing several properties easier overall. All commercial or residential properties can be managed through a single system. A property manager should look for these features when selecting property management software:

Strong Data Security

This is essential for safeguarding data against loss, abuse, and unauthorized access or disclosure. Paperless, secure, and limitless document storage allows you to communicate information safely with authorized stakeholders. Our tool ensures that your PMS uses industry-leading data security methods to protect your data.

PMS Mobile Accessibility

Mobile phone convenience enhances property management efficiency, accuracy, quicker response times, and higher satisfaction. This enables authenticated users to safely access the system from any mobile device with an internet connection. Users can create, edit, or query work orders from their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Budgeting, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement

With real-time accounting, payments, and adjustments, you can quickly produce a picture of the financial situation of your property.

With this feature, you can create budgets, enhance or duplicate the budget from the previous year, or allocate particular budget items to individual portfolios. This comes with an option to download or email every piece of data handled in the tool.

Advanced Billing and Purchasing Routing

With UnitConnect’s streamlined accounts payable system, you save time and cut down on mistakes. You can easily create, track, and assign purchase orders to a seller and a property.

Property managers benefit from invoice processing, and with our tool’s customized dashboard, they can route all bills and notifications appropriately to vendor profiles. This back-end accounting solution simplifies processes and saves time.

Within the tool’s interface, you can manage all the processing, track vendors, add new suppliers, pay invoices, make cheques, bill CAM charges, and more. Adding single or multiple invoices directly into the tool for simple tracking is more convenient, and it’s easy to route the invoices for manager approval internally.

Tenant Portal

This enables your tenants to read crucial information about their accounts with you in a secure manner. They can make maintenance requests, pay rent, and view their account balances. Additionally, they have access to the lease documents and any other details you choose to share with them.

General Ledger

Users have flexibility in ledger capabilities with a user-friendly commercial software interface that provides system-wide reporting across various charts of accounts inside different properties.

Automated Rental and Resident Management

By taking advantage of this feature, your leasing agents can close leads faster and delight residents. You can produce and manage leads quickly with lead generation and management from various sources. Suppose your new prospects are ready to sign. Placing them in your available inventory is easy, and the process is made more accessible by simplifying all the practical and financial formalities.

Cloud-Based Solution

For expanding multi-property units, a cloud-based solution provides scalability and cost-effectiveness. As needed, new attributes can be added to the system. With the ease of a single login, you may save documents for an unlimited number of days in a dependable, safe location.

Benefits of a PMS for Multiple Properties

Multi-Property Reporting

Your team can manage all the properties from one location while keeping track of the locations of each property, crucial operational information, and tenant information. A clear and consistent strategy will help manage operations throughout your group’s member properties.

Easy Management

You get tremendous flexibility and mobility when using a cloud-based property management system to support your operations. For example, you can use a property management software app or the web to access the solution on your phone or laptop while on the road.

This lowers the need for manual intervention, which reduces operational faults that might lead to difficulties such as revenue leakage and tenant unhappiness. The notable feature of process automation is that it saves both time and money.

Service and Process Standardization

Using compatible commercial software across properties helps develop and maintain operational and service standards, which are critical in defining and enhancing your brand—furthermore, standardizing effective functioning procedures across all properties.

The use of UnitConnect commercial software will ensure brand consistency, which will promote loyalty and confidence. Landlords and property managers can increase revenue across their entire portfolios through our tool.