Industrial markets are rapidly expanding, and the sector continues to prosper better than other property types. At first glance, industrial properties may seem similar to managing commercial properties, but operational factors and the specific needs of industrial management demand real estate managers learn some unique skills. This article will explore why industrial property software is essential for property managers.

Accounting and Financial Management

Industrial property management software is specifically developed to help landlords and property managers execute their accounting and bookkeeping operations precisely and efficiently. The general ledger makes it easy to keep track of your properties, tenants, and landlords. 

The software will also allow you to view, update, and print ledgers for each property, renter, owner, and bank account you use to manage your properties. 

Budget and spending tracking tasks are simple when using the software, and you can prevent financial loss and inefficient resource utilization. Poor money management causes projects to be postponed or never finished.

Dependable Communication

Property managers and tenants must be able to communicate effectively and consistently. If you want to keep your tenants, you need to be able to comprehend their demands. Having effective communication channels in place makes sure that problems are resolved quickly by all parties.

With our software solution, you can manage tenant communications, quickly access tenant information, and keep track of emails between you and your tenants. Maintaining a record of conversations and interactions with tenants will make them feel seen and heard.

Effective Maintenance Plans and Tracking

Your industrial properties must have effective maintenance strategies for your renters to run their operations without worrying about property problems.

A system for managing rental properties can easily track maintenance requests made by tenants, give specific tasks to contractors or on-site managers and keep track of the job’s completion with any pertinent notes. The tool makes it easy to plan appropriately and provide your crew with calendar schedules since maintenance differs from property to property.

Online Payments

It is difficult for tenants to take the time during their working day to pay their rent, and cash is dangerous to ship, while mailing checks may incur fees if the checks bounce. Online payments are now essential in the digital age and are necessary to ensure that bills are paid on time.

For landlords and property managers, accepting rent payments online has additional benefits. Instead of the standard “lost in the mail” excuse for late payments, the tool guarantees tenants won’t lose money if something goes missing during the payments process.

Remote Information Access

Real estate managers routinely travel and frequently have properties spread across the nation or the entire world. However, whenever they leave a particular area, their issues persist. To effectively address the problems they are dealing with, they require access to pertinent information. 

Fortunately, industrial real estate software makes accessing the required data simpler, as essential data can be kept in the cloud and accessed from anywhere in the world.


One of the most crucial aspects of running any business is compliance with regulations. There are a ton of rules and guidelines that all property owners in the industrial real estate sector must follow.

In industrial real estate, complying with compliance requirements is difficult, but a software solution can make compliance a lot easier.

Reducing the Vacancy Level

High vacancy rates can cause any real estate venture to fail, so you must take considerable measures to keep your units occupied. Using commercial real estate software simplifies this process, and you can track your properties better and know which vacant units to put on the market.

Management of Leases

Running a real estate firm necessitates a significant amount of paperwork. Documents such as lease agreements, tenant screening documents such as pay stubs and passports, and compliance documents such as energy performance and annual gas certifications can all be stored using property managing software.

Additionally, in order to save time and effort, tenants can electronically sign documents using management software. The solution not only ensures data security but also lets you stay in compliance with data protection rules.

UnitConnect’s property management software includes cutting-edge solutions and smart technologies to help you manage your properties more successfully.