How To Associate A Vendor With A Property In UnitConnect

Associating Vendor with Property: UnitConnect Guide

Hello, this is Nathan with and in this tutorial I will be covering how to associate a vendor with another property. So this is the same account that I’ve been using for other tutorials in our YouTube channel. If I come over to our properties tab, here in our properties tab, you’ll see that I have two properties that I’ve currently listed and so we have John’s property, which currently has one unit with one tenant.

I just added the Eagle property which has one tenant, Subway and three vacant units, within this property. So, what I want to do is I want to associate our current vendor with the eagle property. So if I go over to the, “vendors” tab here in the top menu, you’ll see that if I click on, “John’s property”, we have one vendor, which is called, “Bills Maintenance.” If I click on the Eagle Property, there is no vendor associated currently with this property. And so what I want to do is I want to associate our vendor, “Bills Maintenance” with our other property, the Eagle Property.

So in order to do that, I’m going to come over to the “Admin” tab. Here under the “Admin” tab under property management, I’m going to come down to the, “Link Vendor With Property.” And so I’m going to come over to the, “Go Action” button and click, “Go.” So this is how we’re going to set up the link. And we can see that currently we have our list of vendors. So in this example, I just have one vendor in my UnitConnect account.

So I’m gonna click on the vendor and we can see that currently, the selected properties is only John’s property. So in order to associate it with the Eagle property, I’m going to check this checkmark box next to Eagle property, scroll to the bottom and click, “Finish.” Alright, so you have successfully completed this wizard and associated this vendor with that property. So, in order to verify that we have done this properly, I’m going to come over to my vendors.

And now if we click on the Eagle property, we now have associated Bills Maintenance with this property. So that’s how you associate the vendor with another property. That concludes this tutorial on, “How To Associate A Vendor With Another Property.”

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