How Tenants Benefit From Property Management Software

There is no longer a need for tenants to call and obtain a new copy of their lease. If they need access to their previously documented papers, the landlord can simply send them to their personal dashboard.

A tenant portal is an important feature of commercial property management software that enables tenants to access their profiles, conduct all important transactions, and keep track of their activities at any time during the day.

Payment Systems for Rent Online

Having the ability to pay rent online is one of the most sought-after software features. Renters prefer to pay their rent online, and according to studies, a landlord can attract more tenants. The fact that they can pay their rent online tells them a lot about your management style and the way you run your business.

The ability to pay rent online offers tenants a glimpse into your management philosophy and the kind of experience they can expect. Additionally, with property management software accounting, managers can keep track of all rental income and expenses for each property.

Tenants appreciate the convenience of paying their rent and other fees online rather than having to write 12 checks every year. This saves tenants time and helps them keep track of payments, preventing any confusion or misunderstandings.

Another significant advantage of online rent collection is its safety. Tenants can pay their rent on time without fearing checks being tampered with. Several regulations and security processes likewise protect against online fraud and data breaches.

Features of Maintenance Management

Tenants can submit maintenance tickets with photographs, videos, and descriptions, making tenancy assessments simple and quick. Property managers and maintenance staff access these tickets through their accounts, where they can add comments and take action as needed.


Tenants can schedule meetings and arrange appointments with their landlords using property management software. Additionally,  tenants are automatically notified whenever the rent changes, late fees are applied, or their lease is up for renewal.

If you exclusively communicate via e-mail and phone calls, you may find it difficult to maintain an effective flow of information.

Transparency in Real-Time

Property management software shines in this area. The tool’s real-time feature helps to avoid conflicts with your tenants by storing leases and invoicing records on a single platform with individual access points.

Transparency fosters trust, and having all this information in one location gives tenants peace of mind. They may instantly examine any historical data and alert the landlord to any discrepancies they see.

Rent Auto Reminder

Most rental management software allows renters to enroll in auto-pay, so they don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay their rent.

Mobile App

Mobile applications provide tenants with remote access to their dashboards. The majority of people carry cell phones and are connected to the internet, even in remote places surrounded by mountains.

Technology is constantly evolving, and property management software has the potential to take real estate businesses to the next level. We’ll experience new software developed with augmented reality and virtual reality integrations for 3D visualization, energy conservation for better utility usage, blockchain technology for better software security, AI to enhance tenant relations, and many more in the near future.

UnitConnect’s tenant management software features make it possible for landlords and tenants to be connected. The tool also provides a dashboard where users can view open work orders, lease expirations, unoccupied properties, and due notices. Our software is designed for large and mid-sized property managers.