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What is UnitConnect?

UnitConnect is an online property management software for commercial and residential properties. We offer solutions directly to service real estate professionals with property management needs, including property management firms, real estate investors, and individuals just starting out in the property management business.

How it works for Property Managers

UnitConnect makes it easy to manage properties of all types without superfluous features you'll pay for, but never use.

Whether commercial or residential, getting started is simple. A customizable dashboard welcomes you with a daily summary of your business activities, due dates, and important tasks to be completed, while a no-nonsense tools of lease administration, bill maintenance, expense tracking, vendor management, reporting and budgeting act as the backbone of your business in a secure online platform.

Whether you're looking to grow your business and get discovered by new clients in your local area, or you're not concerned with growth but simply want a new way to keep your existing clients satisfied; UnitConnect can work for you and your business.

Why Use It?

Your Business Today Your Business w/ UnitConnect
You sift through mountains of paper, binders, and files every time you need to find important information Secure online system, where data is immediately available through advanced search tools, organization is king, and your documents are safely filed with relevant properties
You are a residential real estate investor or property manager struggling to understand the myriad of features provided by other online property management portals, and are wondering not only how to use them, but what exactly they are for Straightforward core features & tasks of property management are isolated, bells & whistles are removed, and you’re left with a simple interface you use over and over again, without the need to learn from complicated tutorials and expensive consultants
You are a commercial real estate investor or property manager in a land of residential-focused property management tools NNN charges, CAM reimbursement framework, tax, common area, and insurance reimbursement, and the ability to pass through expenses are just some of the features dedicated to your special brand of property management.

Manage your properties more efficiently online and on-the-go.

More than 1,000 companies have signed up for UnitConnect.

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