Goals for Property Managers 

In 2021, landlords had both a good and a disappointing year. While millions of renters defaulted on their rent payments, rising property values provided attractive investment opportunities for those wishing to continue in the rental game. As we advance towards 2022, all eyes will be on the real estate market to see if the sector will continue on current trends or collapse.

Property managers control everything that happens in a rental property daily. By preparing the property manager report, they ensure that the owner’s objectives are achieved through the handling of rent, tenants, upkeep, budgeting, and rental property records.

The role requires them to be familiar with the real estate industry. The following initiatives are what landlords and property managers should be targeting for 2022:

Identify and Retain Exceptional Tenants

Make tenant screening your focus this year. Your tenant screening procedure is one of the essential tools in our UnitConnect toolkit to discover tenants that are punctual with their rent payments and look after your property.

When you discover a fantastic renter that respects your property as their own, think about the methods you may apply to maintain them. Your retention plan will likely vary and evolve, but vacancies will always be your largest revenue flow killer as a landlord.

Create a Strong Team

Rental properties are an excellent method to produce passive income, but as your portfolio grows, you may want additional help (or two). To help manage several properties, many landlords engage a property management business or form their own team. 

You should seek people who have worked in real estate and rental properties, but you should also look for people with good communication skills and attention to detail. Employees should be willing to keep learning about both the legal and practical aspects of property management.

Once you’ve assembled a fantastic team, concentrate on keeping them on board for the long term. Employee turnover in the property management business was not as high before the pandemic, and millions of employees left their positions during the great resignation. 

How can you motivate and retain your staff by rewarding them? Consider workplace parties, cash incentives, or more vacation days as ways to reward staff for their great work.

Consistently Maintain Networking

In 2022, a property manager should aim to locate a new mentor. Learning from others in the sector is priceless, as is having a network of people to exchange ideas with and seek help with business concerns.

Communication with people in the real estate sector, particularly in your local area, can assist you in locating new rental properties, investment partnerships, and other business prospects. 

Conduct research to discover conferences to attend, local associations to join, or just an online forum to foster contacts and market your business. With COVID-19 present, networking may appear different, but it isn’t gone forever.

Strive year after year to strengthen your business. To optimize your success and avoid the lows, determine your primary goals. To track your progress, set realistic, tangible goals and reasonable benchmarks.

Think Ahead

The property management sector is rapidly developing as a result of technological advancements. Many software, mobile, and cloud solutions are being developed to make property management operations more accessible and more efficient. You must adapt to and accept these changes to keep up.

Plan for the Unexpected

If there’s one thing the previous several years have taught us, we should always be prepared for everything, including the unexpected. Examine your emergency preparation and natural catastrophe plans, and double-check that your renters have received all necessary information. 

Create an emergency fund and a plan to contribute to it throughout the year if you don’t already have one. You’ll be protected no matter what the world throws at you if you can set away putting a chunk of your income into a separate account for emergencies alone.

To put it bluntly, 2021 was a year of ups and downs. However, 2022 is off to a better start. Now is a perfect moment to recommit to property manager objectives with the UnitConnect cloud software platform.

UnitConnect is a comprehensive virtual tool that lets commercial property managers efficiently handle property management reporting and other tasks. Trusting Unitconnect means managing all aspects of your property services with its property management software, including making informed and cost-effective property decisions.