Commercial Real Estate What to Expect in 2023?

The Future of Commercial Real Estate

Forecast for the immediate future of commercial real estate seem gloomy for 2023. As instability in the stock market spreads its ripple effect to all sectors of real estate, investors hesitate to make any major moves and instead, are seeking alternative ways to improve profitability. The exodus from the labor market is also placing a squeeze on commercial real estate.

Maximizing efficiency is one of the most critical issues. Due to labor costs and a lack of available personnel, numerous property owners feel the financial squeeze. Some landlords are struggling to replace lost income due to evictions and price rises. To offset the predicted increase in property taxes in 2023, property managers and landlords may be forced to raise rents more dramatically than initially planned.

A High Level of Inflation

It is anticipated that high inflation will persist in to 2023, and that the actual impact of inflation is much more severe than what is reported in the media. Taxes are going up, material costs are going up, green initiatives are going to make maintenance and repairs more expensive, wages are going to stay high for the foreseeable future, and energy prices will likely continue to be high. The costs of property management will continue to increase for the foreseeable future according to a Federal Reserve’s Bank of Dallas forecast. Year-over-year price growth for rental property will rise from 5.8% to 8.4% in 2023.

There is an expectation that the Fed will pivot away from interest hikes at some point in 2023, when inflation starts to subside. That will remove some pressure from the mortgage market, and may help stabilize commercial real estate.

Commercial Property Management Software

In today’s market, the software is increasing availability which provides landlords and property managers with tools to manage their holdings more effectively. Utilizing commercial real estate software in various ways makes it possible to ensure that proper property management is being carried out.

How can commercial properties be managed effectively? Below are key features to look for in a commercial real estate management software.

  • A portal for the owners: Maintain a single location from which checks may be issued, and landlords or property managers can generate reports.
  • Renter portal: All communication with tenants should be consolidated into a single interface, and rent should be payable online.
  • Taking care of finances: You should accept various payment methods, manage multiple accounts for things ranging from deposits to lease payments, and run individualized reports.
  • Management: Work orders must be created, edited, and tracked for maintenance. You can even communicate with vendors and tenants directly within the software regarding maintenance requests.

In addition to each area, there may also be several functional sub-features and overarching categories. Some examples of these include website setup, scheduling, and reminders. If an exceptional solution for commercial property management is selected, it has the potential to give a wide variety of essential benefits.

When managing a commercial property, having to set up accounting workarounds is a problem that can be solved using dedicated, full-service commercial property management software. However, this software does much more than fix this problem. In addition to helping you improve the efficiency of your overall operation, it also makes things easier by putting everything in one location.

UnitConnect Management Software

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Unit connect has been used by many satisfied customers, contributing to our excellent reputation as a provider of commercial real estate services. Our software can assist you if you own a small business, a property management company, or a landlord who requires assistance collecting rent payments.