For a successful commercial property lease experience, the subject property must fit the tenant’s desired use and function to be successful.  A high-performing commercial property will give a first-time observer an idea of what is possible with a well-run property and tenant management team.

Tenants will judge a property by its potential to generate positive cash flow, which may or may not be the most important factor in considering a property. Still, it is definitely one of the most important.  If a property has a high cash-flow potential, this may help set it.

Good Leasing Strategies

This is a logical process that necessitates systematization and an ongoing effort. There are numerous benefits from a leasing standpoint. Here are some particular suggestions to assist you in tapping into finding the best tenants for commercial property.

Simple tactics like these can help you identify plenty of tenants looking to move or relocate in your area. Implementing these processes across buildings, locations, and property owners can help you maximize your leasing potential.

Financial Resources

This is the most important consideration for property managers. They want to know that their tenants will not go out of business before the lease expires or that they will not jump from building to building to get concessions.

Research Other Properties

Look into all of the buildings in your area, especially the better ones with good renters. Because of expansion and contraction demands, some of those tenants will desire to relocate or shift. You can build suitable business ties over time based on trust and understanding of the local area. You’ll quickly become known as the go-to agent when it comes to property leasing and moving.

Types of Business

Some businesses are busier than others. On that basis, determine the most important local firms. Choose the types of businesses with whom you can work regularly. Recognize the many types of quality and the improvements that necessitate them. On this foundation, you can sell your services extensively and precisely.

Engage Other Tenants

Work your way through the streets of your neighborhood to get a sense of where the renters are and what they’re thinking about the property. Some renters will have concerns with their landlord or occupancy expenses. Based on this, they will have lots of reasons to relocate at the appropriate moment. Keep in touch for that reason alone.

Tenant Growth

Some buildings have future occupancy restrictions. Perhaps the floor plates are too small, or the improvements are of poor quality. Tenants relocate for a variety of reasons. You must look for the reasons and find them before other agents and tenants; market your leasing services accordingly.

Links to Suppliers

As you look at your target business types, you will notice linkages between suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers when you look at your target business types. Some of the businesses must be close to one another. In the long run, this is a leasing opportunity.

Direct Mail Brochures

Distribute brochures to nearby companies and tenants using the postal service. You can intentionally cite existing vacancies and neighboring properties for future occupation as a result of this approach. Discuss your current listings and any vacancies that may be available for negotiation.


There are several methods for promoting your property management services to a certain location or group of tenants. Because advertising will always cost money, choosing a suitable medium is essential. Keep track of your advertising results so you can get the most bang for your buck from a given location and advertising budget.

Email Dispatches

As your database grows over time, you can categorize the people you speak with into groups and places. Use the information gathered throughout the grouping process to send emails detailing local properties for lease. If you follow the steps consistently and precisely, the method will be effective.

Knock Door Policy

From a property standpoint, consider moving through the area regularly to ‘door-knock’ local businesses and learn what they are thinking and doing. As you do so, start discussions and keep a note of the outcomes of all the relationships you’ve created.

It’s not always easy to find commercial tenants. The ideal tenant is worth their weight in gold, but a subpar tenant can take a toll on your time, energy, and resources. UnitConnect’s online property management software is an excellent choice for any property manager who wants software that is both powerful and feature-rich for managing commercial and residential properties.