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Every commercial cleaning company is different. Hiring the company with the lowest price isn’t always the best idea. There are several important variables you should consider before resigning with your current service or signing with a new service. When you sit down to compare ask yourself the following questions:

Do I receive daily complaints regarding the cleanliness of the bathrooms and hallways? Dirty toilet seats and overflowing garbage cans are a red flag that your current company isn’t performing up to standard. Bathroom checks should be carried out more than once per day and those are the first things a service tech should notice. Likewise, hallways collect litter like bits of paper and candy wrappers. While the rugs don’t require daily vacuuming the trash should be picked up and the water fountains wiped clean and checked for debris such as chewed gum.

Why is my bill higher than I expected? Use a standardized bidding process when requesting proposals. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make a list of what your expectations are and how often they should occur. Then have the prospective vendor meet you for a walkthrough so you can identify each task you would like them to perform. Many companies will provide you with a flat cost per service but the tasks included with that may just be the basics. The fine print might state they are charging you extra for use of different products or even extra hours if the bathroom takes longer to clean than a specified amount of time. Explain that you would prefer an all-inclusive contract, so there are no surprises and your bill is exactly what you have budgeted. Allowing a vendor to tack on extra expenses without an approval process can lead to some very high invoices.

Does the supervisor respond in a timely manner?

Communication is key! Whoever is responsible for the team assigned to your building should be easily reachable. Whether it’s via email or a cell phone, you must have a point of contact for your requests and emergencies. If an unexpected snowstorm creates a dirty and slippery entrance or a backed-up toilet overflows, those messes need to be handled immediately. Ensuring that you have an assigned person to field those calls and dispatch the proper team to handle the issue is vital to the safety and appearance of your building. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to provide your current company with a list of issues. Sometimes the vendor you already have is ok and only a few things need improvement. Explain to them why you are unhappy about each of the issues and what you would like to see instead. Sometimes it’s easier to give them a second chance. If it doesn’t work out you’ve tried. Whether you hire new or choose to work with your current service, you are taking the steps towards a successful partnership. Both parties will be much happier.