Features & Benefits

  • Property Management Software - Control Your Leases

    Control Your Leases
    Keeping track of all lease details is now manageable. How about a single location for accessing all lease information, and tracking all charges and payments received?
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  • Property Management Software - Track Your Expenses

    Track Your Expenses
    Never easy, always necessary. Track all vendor information, bills, bill payments, and other important documents in one secure, shared location.
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  • Property Management Software - Set Your Budget

    Set Your Budget
    Bill NNN Charges to your Tenants based on your budget. With UnitConnect's Property Management Software, reconciling at the end of the year has not been easier.
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  • Property Management Software - Bill Your Tenants

    Bill Your Tenants
    Take the guesswork out of the collection process with a simple screen of all leases with open balances, room to record tenant paments and calculate late fees.
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  • Property Management Software - Manage On The Go

    Manage On the Go
    With simple interface and navigational features, property managers can instantly access important information directly from their smart phones.
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  • Property Management Software - Manage On The Go

    Secure Workplace
    Security starts within. Define what features, functionality and information your users have access to. Create user based roles and assign users to specific roles with ease.
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I manage over two hundred commercial tenants ranging from big box national retailers to local mom and pop stores. UnitConnect has enabled me to gain new customers and grow my property management business. Its very easy to use and best of all, I do not need to be an accountant to use it. Thank you UnitConnect!!! - Albert A. (First Class Management, Inc., New York, USA)

I have been using UnitConnect, Property Management Software, for over two years. I tried many other software trials, but nothing was as centralized and user friendly as UnitConnect. Also the company has been very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had about the software. I think this is a superb program and would recommend it highly. - Thomas M. (Colorado, USA)

We have researched numerous Property Management Software options for our company. We found that providers either do a good job with a particular functionality, but never overall. UnitConnect is by far the best we have researched. Having now used the system since January 2011, I am continuously impressed with the features and the level of support. - Steven T. (Century Property Management, Texas, USA)

UnitConnect enabled us to transform our business into a paperless office. We saved over 25% in operating costs. Allowing owners, managers and tenants anytime online access to information and reports, our carbon footprint was significantly reduced while saving significantly on our operating expenses. Thanks! - Jennifer S. (RP Management, Boston, Massachusetts)

We manage properties for Landlords throughout the United States. We have been searching for simple, easy to use property management software for our services. We found UnitConnect.com the easiest to use in all aspects. It's a great tool and I love it. - James A. (New York)