Being a property manager in today’s world is hard work, in fact, most of the time it is downright exhausting. Everything is an emergency and keeping up with the daily/weekly/monthly tasks required to keep your property running smoothly can sometimes be difficult. Your best bet for staying on top of these tasks is using property management software. Using the right software can help you be consistent. Collecting the monthly fees and rents as well as assessing late fees is the number one task you just can’t forget. Without income, the rest of your property cannot be run. Contractors and vendors can’t be paid and utilities and loans fall into arrears.

It’s usually about this time a business owner realizes they need new software. The bills aren’t getting out on time and it’s usually because a feature is outdated, unavailable or too difficult to use on their current product. So they take to Google and search out the most current products offered. But, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best fit for your business when there are so many choices out there. And most companies want you to speak with a salesperson and schedule a demo before you can see the features their product has to offer.

Not here. At Unit Connect, we believe the best way to see if a software package is right for you is to check it out first hand. We were property managers first. So we have a complex understanding of the deadlines and urgency that accompany your role and we know that time is your most precious resource. That is why we offer free tutorials right on our website and make them available to everyone.

Take a look at this tutorial and see how Unit Connect can reduce the stress associated with getting the monthly invoices out on time and consistently. No demo or phone is call required to begin. By viewing our ‘How To’ tutorial on billing your tenants and collecting fees you’ll be able to see exactly what it’s like to use or software immediately. In just 8 minutes Nathan, our Unit Connect expert, will take you through each step so you can see what our software looks like and how easy it is to navigate.

Unit Connect property management software was developed with you in mind. It’s easy to navigate and complete everyday tasks quickly. Integrating our software into your business will allow you to focus on your ever-changing priorities without having to stress about collecting income. Now you can dedicate your time and attention to those last-minute emergencies, projects, and meetings without having to worry about administrative tasks. You can even access our platform via a mobile app so sending out a few invoices while you’re in between appointments is no problem. See if Unit Connect is right for you, check out our free tutorials today.